When we were deciding on what lube to use at MFA Parties, there were many factors to think about, because the wrong lube can really ruin a Gang Bang Party.

After buying and testing many of the lubes on the market today, we decided on ID Glide for several reasons:

  • It's water based making for easy clean-up.
  • It's condom compatible and won't dissolve or degrade condoms like some lubes will.
  • ID Glide is odorless and colorless, making it more desirable than scented products.
  • It's non staining and won't stain clothes, lingerie, carpets or furniture.
  • ID Glide is safe for sensitive skin.
  • It won't dissolve silicone and is safe to use with silicone dildos and toys.
  • Affordable and comes in economical quart size pump bottles for ease of use.
  • ID Glide stands up to the heavy, prolonged use of a MFA Gang Bang!
  • ID Glide is FDA Approved, Doctor recommended and safe.
So after testing many products, we have chosen ID Glide as the Official Lube of Midwest Fantasy Adventures.
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"ID Glide is as gentle and pure as your body's own natural lubrication. Containing only the purest essential ingredients, it is unsurpassed in delivering comfort and pleasure and is ideal for personal intimate needs and sensual interludes".

MFA Provides Complimentary ID Glide For Use At All Parties!
We Also Provide Latex, Non-Latex & Magnum Condoms


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