Please read and confirm the following Party Rules before you register to attend:

1) NO MEANS NO: The ladies have full discretion in what they do and with whom.
2) SAFE SEX IS REQUIRED: Condoms and Lube will be provided. You must deposit your used condoms in the waste baskets. (Do not flush them or leave them on the floor)
3) ARRIVE ON TIME: The doors close at 8:30 pm for evening parties and 1:30 pm for daytime parties. You won't be let in after that time.
4) LOCATION: The party is restricted to the lower level of the facility only. Dinner, Snacks & Drinks will be provided, please consume them in the Social Area ONLY.
5) SMOKING: Due to the Smoke Free Illinois Act MFA is a NO SMOKING environment.
6) HYGIENE: We expect absolute hygiene. Shower before and during the party please.
7) COME PREPARED: You must bring your own towel and toiletries.
8) DISCRETION: What happens at a MFA Party, Stays at a MFA Party. Please respect our guests privacy.
9) NO VOYEURS: Everyone comes intending to participate. Policy on Voyeurs
10) DRUG USE: We have zero tolerance of drugs at Midwest Fantasy Adventures and the use of any illegal substance will not be allowed. Drugs will lead to being banned from the premises and all future parties. The only exception is legally prescribed prescription drugs and pills for male enhancement such as Viagra and Cialis. Guests suspected of being on illegal drugs will be asked to leave. Any Guests who arrive under the influence will not be allowed to enter. This decision is at the sole discretion of the host.
11) ALCOHOL: If you desire alcohol to get in the mood, bring your own. Only drink what you bring. Never help yourself to what others have brought without their permission. Excessive use of alcohol is forbidden. Drunk guests will be asked to leave. Any Guests who arrive under the influence will not be allowed to enter. This decision is at the sole discretion of the host.

You will be required to sign a Waiver and Release of Liability, Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement before entering the party.

Please read and follow the Etiquette Guidelines before you arrive at the party/

Fees collected herein are for dinner and Midwest Fantasy Adventures Monthly Membership ONLY.
(No "Pay for Play" or prostitution of any kind is tolerated).
Registrations are NOT transferable or refundable. (Click Here to read about our Refund Policy)

Evening Parties:
Doors are ONLY open from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.
Day Parties
Doors are ONLY open from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.
No one will be admitted to the party after doors close.

Women should look hot and sexy.
Club clothes or mini-skirts with a low cleavage top work well.
Men should be dressed for a party, casual to dressy.
NO sneakers, T Shirts or ANY RIPPED CLOTHING.

If you cannot attend for any reason PLEASE let us know. Once you register, you will have our phone number in your confirmation letter, please call us ASAP. There are no refunds but being courteous will keep you on our Invitation List for future parties. We really frown upon no-shows.

Only the MFA Host is allowed to have a camera. We take 2 or 3 photos at each bang and ask everyone to turn your head away from the camera. You can also step out of the room for a moment when this takes place. You can get copies emailed to you by the host AFTER any faces (some people don't care and stare directly into the camera) and tattoos have been blurred.
Your privacy is our greatest concern.

MFA does not discriminate based on race, nationality, religion or age. Each person attending a MFA party has the right to say "no." However, MFA does not condone or support discrimination.


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