Advice From An Experienced MFA Member

People attending their first Gang Bang have a lot of questions about what will happen, what they will see, how they should behave, and what in general they should expect. We have hosted and attended a number of Gang Bangs around the country, and while each one has its own flavor, here, in no particular order, are some things that you may expect to experience and need to know at a Midwest Fantasy Adventures (MFA) Gang Bang Party

1) When you first arrive at an MFA Party you will be greeted by the friendly hosts at the podium. You will be asked to sign a hold harmless agreement and show your ID. Once the formalities are out of the way, you will proceed to the Social Area where a full hot buffet dinner will await you. There is also a full Beverage Bar with soft drinks, coffee and teas. We do not serve alcohol at MFA parties but you are welcome to bring your own.

2) Expect to meet lots of friendly people from Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and sometimes further.   MFA Gang Bang Club offers a great way to meet people, visit, socialize, have a great time and fulfill your gang bang fantasy.

3) The energy level at MFA Gang Bangs is usually pretty high, and you get to see how different people play. (Maybe even with you!) People tend to "dress up" for the parties, and although a dress code is not strictly enforced, it is recommended that everyone attempt to dress in party/ fetish or club clothes. Dress to impress. Look sexy, hot and exciting. Club clothes mini-skirts and tops with cleavage showing work well. Corsets & lingerie are also desirable but please change into them after you arrive. Men should be dressed for a party, casual to dressy. If you show up wearing torn jeans, a dirty shirt and sporting that “homeless look” people will probably not want to have much to do with you.

4) Come with a *very* open mind. We are a group of non-judgmental adults who enjoy sexual hedonistic activities with multiple concurrent partners. Please be aware that you will witness open acts of fornication and oral copulation at this party.  You will see lots of different kinds of people engaging in many different sexual acts. People tend to "pull out all the stops" at MFA Parties, and some of the action can be very unusual, erotic, enticing and exciting. It's all good, and it's all for our hedonistic pleasures. Please do not think you can bring your partner to a MFA Party and "surprise" them and expect them to participate. All persons attending a MFA Gang Bang MUST have full knowledge and consent.

5) Be respectful, courteous, and tolerant of others. If you're new to Gang Bangs, read the MFA Etiquette page of our website before attending your first party. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation and wish to stop, just tell your partner(s) NO. They will understand and respect your wishes. We were all new at one time, and we remember what it was like.

6) READ THE MFA RULES!  Don't just browse them quickly. The rules are important, and the MFA Staff enforces them very strictly for the protection of the event, the attendees, and the club. Look for the rules on the MFA website, study them, read them again the night before the party, and make sure you understand them.

7) Be prepared for an incredible high during the party and possibly a sadness that it’s over when you get back to the "real world" after the party. Expect to be amazed, surprised, delighted, shocked, startled, amused, and to experience a whole range of intense emotions. Sensory overload and unexpected emotional reactions are a common side effect of Gang Bangs. If it gets to be a bit too much, find a quiet corner to sit in and just watch for a while. Or, find the MFA Hosts and talk to them about how you're feeling. Then go back to the party and jump back into the pool!

8) If your schedule and finances permit, purchase the Bed & Breakfast Package and arrive early on the day of the party and leave the morning after. This has a number of benefits.
* You can arrive early, get settled into your suite, take a dip in the hot tub (or your own Jacuzzi), relax in the steam room, take a nap and/or chill out before the party starts. Then get dressed in your party clothes, go to the party level, have dinner, socialize and enjoy the party.
* After the party ends, you can go back to your suite and relax and fall asleep, instead of getting dressed, rushing off and driving home. You can "decompress" before returning to reality.
* The morning after the party you can get up, have breakfast, relax, pack and head out refreshed and feeling great.

9) A full dinner, snacks, soft drinks and a coffee and tea bar are provided at MFA Parties.  Arrive at 7:00 pm for the social hour, eat dinner and STAY HYDRATED. Keeping your fluid levels up are very important at a Gang Bang.

10) Have lots and lots of fun!!!

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Your First MFA Gang Bang

People occasionally ask me questions about MFA parties. This happens when I'm honest about why I can't go to their event on certain Saturday nights, or what I did over the past weekend, or they hear from a friend of a friend that I occasionally go to gangbangs. Here are my typical responses to a bunch of common questions I hear. Please don't interpret this as an alternative to the official MFA FAQ. This is just one person's personal opinions. However, May 2012 will be my 23rd consecutive party, so I'm probably reasonably qualified to talk about them:

"So, how does it all work?"
- Well, you get there, get checked in, sign a waiver. Yes, you have to be pre-registered online. Actually, it's really clever how they set this up so that it's all legal. It's actually a not-for-profit company, and the funds are solely for monthly membership dues / dinner. Yes, the women have to pay too. It's at a private residence. Giant house. Northish suburb of Chicago. Anyway, so you get signed in, and then there's a social hour, with a catered buffet dinner. There's coleslaw which I don't eat, garlic bread, corn on the cob, these potato things which I also don't eat, and then Greek roasted chicken. It's really good. And then there's a beverage bar for coffee and terrible tasting lemonade. Well, I hear it's really good, but it doesn't have sugar in it and I'm kind of a lemonade snob. I usually drink the Pepsi because it both tastes good and has caffeine. Need to stay hydrated, and stay awake, because things go for a while.

(Around now, people are usually somewhat frustrated that I haven't talked at all about fucking, but it's my story and these things are important.)

"So okay, yeah, after social hour all the rules get read. "Rules?" Yeah, so like, condoms are necessary. Well, not for oral. Well, it depends, sometimes, depends on the women. And then like, a bunch of other common sense things, it's all on the website, which everyone should have read but a bunch of people usually don't. Anyway, then the women get introduced, as well as their limits and fantasies.

"So like, you probably can't do anal/facials/rough stuff/etc. with them, right?"
- Actually, it depends. Some women are all for (whatever), while some are really against (whatever). I've been to parties where all of those things have happened, and I've been to parties where none of the women were into (whatever). Usually though, the mix is such that there's something for everyone.

"Are these women like, attractive?"
- Again, it depends, a lot. What I find attractive is different from what you find attractive. It really depends, and some are more attractive than others. The most important thing to consider though, is that what looks good and what feels good are two very different things. It's often the case that I find myself more sexually compatible with women who I don't find the most physically attractive. There are some women I like that others aren't big fans of, and there are some women who are big favorites but I probably won't play with again.

"Okay, so what, you just all go at it in separate rooms, or...?"
- So yeah, after social hour, after all the rules are read, then there's kind of a "Game on" type thing and everyone goes into the party room. So there's one big area with a bunch of futon mattresses, and that's where everything happens. The host is there to watch over things, make sure people are using condoms, make sure everyone's being safe, etc.

"Wow. How many people are there?"
- Usually it's like 30ish guys and 5 women, sometimes 4ish, or 6ish. Sometimes there are no-shows, or people that leave early. Things kick off at like 8:30, and the guys are usually reasonably thinned-out by midnight.

"5 women? When I think gangbang, I think lots of guys and 1 woman."
- Yeah, the term used is tricky. Sometimes I refer to it as an orgy. Sometimes a gangbang. Sometimes a sex party. Orgy and sex party seem to imply a more equal gender ratio. Gangbang leans more toward many men, one/few women. One of the people at a party a while back came up with the term "group bang," and I kind of like that. The hosts and website call it a gangbang, so I'm going to call it a gangbang.

"Can the women say no?"
- YES. Everyone can say no. Although if you show up and don't participate, you'll probably not get invited back. It's unfair to the women to have guys show up and not participate, and take spots away from other, more willing dudes.

"So who decides which guys go with which girls?"
- It's not like you 6 go with that 1, everyone's basically able to go with whoever they want. Women definitely have a say in who they do or don't want, but there's very rarely opposition.

"What do you do when you're done?"
- Well, between rounds I usually go back to the buffet, grab some fruit, maybe chat with some of the other people on break.

"So how many times in one night do you, you know...go?"
- Depends. Usually I try to have a round with everyone I haven't done before, and then aside from that I've got my favorites, and then there's also the question of the women's availability and my own "readiness." As well as latex-allergic women, that makes things trickier as well. You've got to plan ahead.

" many times do you usually...*ejaculatory motion*...?"
- Depends. For me, usually around 4. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Although I have sex a lot more often than I cum.

"How do you determine the order? It seems tricky to have 30 guys and only 5 women." (I've even had women at the parties ask me this, since their perspective is usually a bit limited...)
- This is usually the most difficult question for me to answer, because it really depends. The first thing that a bunch of people don't consider is that most of the time the women are at least somewhat playing with at least two men. So now it's more like 30 to 10. Additionally, the guys take breaks for recovery time, so the ratio gets a lot better pretty fast. As for my answer, some women will occasionally take charge and say "You, next!" But that's pretty rare. Usually, there's sort of a line...ish, but not really. It's kind of like "Who was next in line for this orifice...and hard/ready right now...and is the woman up for it...or is she switching positions or taking a break..." Additionally, note that you don't have to cum every time. If it's not going to happen and there are a bunch of people waiting behind you, be courteous. You'll see a number of the regulars occasionally look back mid-fuck and kind of give a hand wave or a shrug as if to ask "You interested in going now, because I'll tag out if you want?" That said, it's all about the women. If she's moaning and saying "Harder" or "Faster" or "Don't stop," then everyone understands that you might be a little bit longer than usual, and most people find that pretty sexy, so good for you.

"So what's the range of guys?" (No one ever actually asks me this, but it's an important question to answer.)
- All ages, different races, different lengths / girths / skills / etc. Basically, a safe assumption is that there's probably going to be someone there who is better/bigger than you in almost every way, just because of the sheer number of guys, and the types of guys that show up to these things. THAT'S OKAY. From my experience, the women won't care that you're following the guy with the monster cock, or the magic tongue, or the hands that just made her squirt. They're there to have (pretty much) everyone.

"Man...that's crazy. I'd be so nervous."
- Yeah, I was pretty nervous the first time. And the second time. It's definitely not for everybody. But everyone's there for the same reason, and they're all people. So it's about as comfortable as you can get.

"I'd be really worried about performing in front of other guys."
- For the most part, no one's really paying attention to the guys. I know I mentioned it briefly before, how there are all types. But I find that I really get tunnel vision and focus on the women, so it's not too difficult to get around this. And hey, everyone goes soft sometimes. We've all been there, if it's not going to happen, it's not going to happen. The best thing about going soft at a gangbang is that you don't have to feel bad about the woman not getting any.

"Is there ever any guy-on-guy stuff?"
- Nope, it's all focusing on the women. Yeah, you're going to brush up against other dudes, and there's going to be some contact if you're attempting double-penetration. But for the most part, the other guys don't really want to touch you either, so it works out pretty well that way.

"Have you ever seen <sex act> at a party?"
- (Usually) Yes. It was interesting. Not as cool as I thought it would be in person, but still pretty cool.

"Do you ever see these women outside of parties?"
- A lot of the people that attend are into other kinky/sex-related stuff. There are other events / venues / websites for that to happen, and so you can sometimes run into people there.

"Why do the women attend the parties? I mean, I can understand guys, but..."
- They want to have sex. A lot of it. With a bunch of dudes. Don't you ever think about having sex with two women at once? "Yeah, but..." Same thing. Only more.

"So how long does it go?"
- Usually like 1 AM or so, partly depends on the women. If all the women are done, that's it. Sometimes the guys are done first. If you get a bed & breakfast as a couple, you're of course free to go at it as late as you want.

"How's breakfast?"
- Awesome. For me, bacon alone means great breakfast. But there's also pancakes, and usually eggs, some potato thing that's pretty good, sometimes sausages, fruit, cereal, bagels, coffee, juice, milk. The breakfast buffet menu has some slight tweaks from party to party, but it always has most of those.

"Does anyone else we know go to these?"
- If they did, I couldn't tell you.