At Midwest Fantasy Adventures, we encourage everyone with a genuine interest in participating in a Gang Bang to attend. We sincerely want you to join us, even if its your first time. We will do our best to make you feel welcome.

We understand that occasionally things happen, things come up, life's troubles are getting you down, you are not feeling well, you get the first time jitters, you say yes but your penis says no, your girlfriend just left you, you just found out your best friend has a terminal illness, the Viagra doesn't kick in, or you are just having a bad day or an off night and we fully understand and sympathize with your situation.

HOWEVER... that being said:

DON'T COME IF YOU JUST WANT TO WATCH! - These parties are all about the ladies having sex with multiple partners. We limit the amount of single men attending to 30. If a few of them in attendance turn out to be voyeurs and/or wankers it diminishes the quality of the Gang Bang for everyone.

We expect that every man & woman is coming to participate in the gang bang. If your sole intention of attending is just to watch the action please save us both the hassle and embarrassment of having to ask you to leave and stay home with some good porn.

VOYEURS, WHETHER MALE OR FEMALE, ARE NOT WELCOME, and its a sure way to find yourself banned from attending all future parties.


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