Wikipedia defines a Gang Bang as: "a situation in which one person has sexual

intercourse and performs other sex acts with a number of people, either in turn or at the same time."

Midwest Fantasy Adventures is a Members Only Private Club designed for the hedonistic pleasures of selective consenting couples and singles (19 and over) with an interest in fulfilling their sexual fantasies. The following definitions will explain terms commonly used at our parties.


GANG BANG (BANG): A gang bang can involve any combination of genders, though they are most often organized as many men having consensual sex with a woman. In the case of Midwest Fantasy Adventures, we maintain a ratio at each party of 30 consenting men to 5 consenting women.

BANGERS: These are the men having consensual sex with the woman.

BANGEES: These are the women being banged by the men.

FLUFFERS: Woman who work to keep the men in an aroused state when they ’re not actively engaging with the bangees. In a GB where you have 30 men and 5 women, at any given point in time at least half of the men will not be engaged with the bangees, and will usually require/desire some assistance in maintaining an erection. Though Viagra and other performance enhancers have alleviated the need for these in some cases, they’re still nice to have. They may also be responsible for dispensing lube, condoms, and other supplies during the event itself. At MFA we welcome fluffers to attend. Please let us know your intentions in advance.

If you are undecided about whether a MFA Gang Bang is the right choice for you personally, one option you may wish to consider is serving as a fluffer. This will allow you to observe what happens through the actual bang itself and give you a feeling of what it’s like to be banged. At that point you can make a decision about becoming the bangee at our next p arty.

GANG BANG MANAGER: The Gang Bang Manager is the person in charge of all details of and organization of the party.

GANG BANG HOSTS: The Gang Bang Hosts are the persons who set up the gang bang party, prepare food and drinks, keep everything clean during the party and make all of the logistical arrangements.

GANG BANG MONITOR: The Monitor is a non-participant whose role is to keep an eye on the women and the participants to ensure that all of the rules and safety precautions are being followed, largely for the personal safety of the woman. The Monitor can be one and the same as the Manager.

SOCIAL HOUR: At Midwest Fantasy Adventures we serve a full catered dinner prior to the start of the bang. Everyone remains clothed. This is the time to flirt, socialize and get to know each other before the lights go out and the sex begins. The doors close at the end of the Social Hour and no one is admitted to the party after this time. We advise all members to attend the Social Hour.

DOORS CLOSING TIME: At all MFA Parties, the doors open 1 to 2 hours prior to the actual time the bang begins (Times emailed to you after you register). At the specified time of Door Closing, no one is admitted to the party thereafter. We do this to maintain the mood of the bang since late arrivals are disruptive to the party. Additionally, no late arrivals are allowed for security reasons.

Everyone is welcome whether this is your first gang bang party or you have years of experience. Our warm and friendly hosts will make you feel like part of the family.

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